Sunday, 6 February 2011

Space Encounter 2 - Ice

The ice moon of Shem Tov, in orbit around the lifeless, volcanic world of C-Matsuo is composed almost completely of water with a thick layer of water ice covering its surface. The moon is on the fringes of what is considered a habitable world without additional terraforming.

Formerly designated C-Matsuo-2, the moon was bought wholesale from the Kyuso corporation by a Neo-Zyonist sect and renamed Shem Tov meaning 'Good (or Holy) Name (or Gate)', the moon has become home to a self sufficient corporation/society governed on Hasidic principles and Kabbalah law.

Built in a "warm" equatorial region, the settlement of Shem Tov is surrounded by thousands of acres of undersea farmland and enjoys limited trade with a relatively nearby Kyuso corporation colony, exporting huge quantities of mineral oil and a small sum of the native delicacies; kelp wine, cured marine isopod, saltwater citrus flower and Behemothasaur meat.

The oil is mined thousands of miles from the settlement by a single 'crawler' a 22 birth, tracked submersible vessel that both prospects and drills for mineral oil in months long sorties away from the settlement. The crawler is of significant monetary value and represents 90% of the liquid, material wealth of the colony.

It has been missing for 4 months and the Colony's Religious leader and CEO, Rabbi Meyer Weiss Ph.D. Has issued an open salvage contract for its location and return.

Space Encounter 2 - Ice. (teaser and other news)

The ice moon of Shem Tov
Work on the second Dread 'Space' encounter proceeds apace, I'm taking my time and trying to make it very different from the previous one and, so far, it's pretty original for a sci-fi horror story. At least in premise, let's hope I can translate that to compelling play.

I think I struck lucky with my setting last time, it was extremely easy to contain play without railroading the players and I had a couple of tension raising device I could employ at any time. This one is, as I say, very different but I've taken onboard feedback from my last session and have a couple of tricks planned.

Hopefully, as well as returning players, I might have a couple of newbies aboard. Which will be fun.

In other news, I'm rewriting my 'Drill' plan as a campaign doc that other people can use, and once I work out how to, hosting it as a PDF here. It's taking a little longer than I expected.
Also, I'm putting together a playlist of atmospheric tracks to play as background music if you have Spotify, you can see the list here.