Sunday, 3 July 2011

Space Encounter 2 - Ice (The Dreizick)

The Multipurpose Klinsman Corporation Submersible V.3 - The Dreizick (pictured in beta testing on Ersten Mond) 
Designing an economic, high-performance submersible for exploration of terran compatible worlds (and other liquid-water rich environments) has been a strategic goal of Klinsman Corp since the successful mineral exploitation of the Fiddler's Well and its satellites.

Assuming manufacturing costs follow model at mass fabrication stage, we can report that that goal has been achieved.

The Dreizick series is the result of a three year, multi billion TCC R&D project. With a maximum speed of over 200 knots and a theoretical operational depth of over 40,000 feet the Dreizick is the first commercial application of the Nervensystematik interface in a none stellar craft.