About Dread

Dread is a Role Playing Game designed for horror settings.

It is a game of staggering simplicity, whenever a player performs and action where the outcome is in doubt, they need to successfully pull a block from a Jenga Tower.

If the tower falls, that character dies.

It's a system without stats and dice rolls that stresses storytelling and is built around a toy that generates tension.

This holds considerable appeal.

Consequently I will soon be running my first RPG since secondary school, a sci-fi themed campaign in the vein of such films as Alien, Sunshine, Solaris and Moon. A universe of cold, metal corridors, deadly vacuum and ruthless corporations.

You can read my reasoning on the Space setting and my slowly assembled notes here.

This blog is a repository for my gameworld materials and campaign notes, a hub to communicate with my players and a place to share game reports and other musings on Role Playing as and when they happen.