Monday, 15 November 2010

Space Encounter 1 - Drill

Approach to Noble-3
Klinsman-Noble is a 'Drill', a Klinsman Corporation mining platform stationed in low orbit around Noble-3, a gas giant of rich chemical composition.

Resembling a misshapen corkscrew; the Kinsman-Noble is comprised of a broadly cylindrical command module trailing an 8 kilometer pylon.

As well as providing the living area of the 'Drill', the the pressurised, oxygen-filled command module affords the the facility neutral buoyancy in the sea of heavy gases. 8 Kilometers below, the pylon 'tip' houses a state of the art chemical processing factory.

The factory collects and processes gasses into refined chemicals before loading them on to internally manufactured skiffs and launching them via the factory 'gun', up the pylon into a holding orbit around Noble 3 (for later collection and transport).

Housing an average compliment 41 crew, the Kinsman-Noble is state of the art it has an estimated working life of 50 years.

Or had.

2 years ago it disappeared. The 'gun', stopped firing, transmission ceased, and the whole rig sunk beneath the volatile, gaseous surface. Untraceable.

Now it's back. A single, looped, transmission heralding it's arrival. The 'gun' isn't firing and comms haven't been reestablished.

Klinsman Corporation protocol dictates a salvage team be dispatched to perform rescue and asses/resolve platform integrity.

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