Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Salvage - The Job

Objects in space are valuable.

Ships, platforms and settlements are expensive, requiring a huge investment to build and operate. Minerals and gasses that are vacuum mined are essential to the development of colonies. Cargos worth shipping the thousands of light years between worlds can border on priceless.

This means that when a ship loses it's crew to explosive decompression, a colony is wiped out by a rogue viral strain or a habitation ring is shredded by micro-meteorites; somewhere an accountant talks about recovery.

If it can be salvaged, it will be.

Salvage crews; Salvors, are paid well. Pilots, engineers, operational experts of various disciplines with ability to think on their feet. The job is to gain access to lost vessels, ascertain capability and secure for transport. To recover esoteric cargos, to investigate lost colonies and retrieve every last scrap of value for their employers.

Each Salvor knows that every ship they secure, every colony they investigate, every platform they loot has killed one crew already.

Life expectancy is short.

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