Sunday, 6 February 2011

Space Encounter 2 - Ice

The ice moon of Shem Tov, in orbit around the lifeless, volcanic world of C-Matsuo is composed almost completely of water with a thick layer of water ice covering its surface. The moon is on the fringes of what is considered a habitable world without additional terraforming.

Formerly designated C-Matsuo-2, the moon was bought wholesale from the Kyuso corporation by a Neo-Zyonist sect and renamed Shem Tov meaning 'Good (or Holy) Name (or Gate)', the moon has become home to a self sufficient corporation/society governed on Hasidic principles and Kabbalah law.

Built in a "warm" equatorial region, the settlement of Shem Tov is surrounded by thousands of acres of undersea farmland and enjoys limited trade with a relatively nearby Kyuso corporation colony, exporting huge quantities of mineral oil and a small sum of the native delicacies; kelp wine, cured marine isopod, saltwater citrus flower and Behemothasaur meat.

The oil is mined thousands of miles from the settlement by a single 'crawler' a 22 birth, tracked submersible vessel that both prospects and drills for mineral oil in months long sorties away from the settlement. The crawler is of significant monetary value and represents 90% of the liquid, material wealth of the colony.

It has been missing for 4 months and the Colony's Religious leader and CEO, Rabbi Meyer Weiss Ph.D. Has issued an open salvage contract for its location and return.

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